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October 31: WHOlloween!

This year for Halloween, I decided to make a TARDIS-themed masquerade mask to trick-or-treat with. There’s a chance of rain, so it’s been sprayed with water-resistant coating. It’s also going to be dark, so parts of it also glow-in-the-dark.

Happy Halloween!

I want!!!

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Whole 30: Round 3

So, I doubt anyone will be looking at this, but I needed to blog in order to keep myself accountable this time around. I did 2 Whole30s a few months ago with just a week break between them. Then football season started, stress about the end of semester OSCEs and comp exams happened…and I gained all my weight back (after losing nearly 10 pounds the first round!). Now I’m feeling jiggly and bloated and it’s no fun.

Today is day 1. Hopefully this’ll keep me on point!

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